Is Marijuana legal in Spain?

The law for marijuana in Spain is complicated. It is legal to cultivate and smoke cannabis for your own personal use. However, it is illegal to sell or traffic marijuana. It is also illegal to smoke marijuana in public places, but its legal that you can go to a  “cannabis clubs Barcelona” where members can smoke marijuana.

Main points

1. Consumption and possession

Use of drugs in a private place is allowed. Possession or use of drugs in a public place like on the streets, in a bus or metro is prohibited and can expect a fine of 100Euros to 300 Euros

2. Cultivation

Growing cannabis for your own use, be it for recreational or medicinal purposes is allowed. BUT if the judge thinks that this cultivation is not just for personal use, it will be a crime! Expect a sentence of from 1 to 3 years.

3. Provision of seeds, equipment, paraphernalia.

It is legal to sell or to buy seeds and other hemp products including Hemp CBD Oil.

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  1. Dear Dragons Chamber Club,
    We are happy to become a member in your club. Time was limited and not favorable due to pandemic situations. We will return when everything is back to normal. Best social club experience in Barcelona.

  2. Thank you Francisca!
    We look forward to welcome you again to our club.
    See you soon, Cheers


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